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&S C^Urtri, 


YOUR new home represents an important investment . . . perhaps the 
most important single investment you may ever make to achieve 
happier, more comfortable living through the years. You desire to spend 
the dollars you have dedicated to your dream house in the wisest, most 
productive way. To do so, every detail, every material, every separate 
member and unit which goes into that house deserves your most careful 

In particular, the floors of your home merit serious consideration. By 
floors, we don't mean the random oak, or the wood block, or the linoleum, 
or the tile which covers the floors. These are merely surfaces. Under them, 
under any surface finish you may select for any room, lies the truly funda- 
mental part of the floor . . . the part which determines your floor's strength, 
safety, quietness, adaptability and other vital qualities. It is this unseen 
construction, this under- the-surf ace, basic structural member, which we 
mean when Ave say "floor". 

Your floors should, therefore, be thoroughly modern and practical . . . 
and completely worthy of the rest of your house. On them, you spend a 
large part of your life. They are especially important to the success of the 

Copyright, 1937, H. II. Robertson Co. 

Floor is than ordinary floor construction. No un- 
sightly joists and bearns to mar the appearance of 
your basement. No wasted space. But a compact, 
strong floor to which any type of floor surfacing may 
be readily applied. 

STOP is formed by this 
good-looking, incom- 
bustible steel ceiling. 
Because most residen- 
tial fires start in the 
basement] and because 
the Robertson Floor 
confines such fires to 
the basement far better 
than ordinary flooring, 
your home is a safer 
home when it. has this 
new kind of floor. 

house you build. They can make it or mar it. They can even prove the 
difference between a mere shelter and a true home. 

Today, there is a new and better floor available for your use than 
home builders have ever had before. It's quite unlike any other floor you 
have ever seen. It combines, in one type of construction, all the advantages 
and good, practical qualities possessed by all other constructions together. 
It is the most scientific, the strongest, the best floor you can imagine . . . 
and yet it is easily within the reach of even the most modest building 
budget. It's a floor calculated to improve the strength, safety and liv- 
ability of the millionaire's mansion . . . and yet it comes within the price 
range of the small home owner. 

This new floor is called the Robertson Steel Floor. 
It is a safer floor. It is made entirely of steel . . . and Lhat ineane--fchat 
when you use it for your first floor, it provides a priceless basement fire- 
stop . Most residential fires start in the basement . . . from spontaneous 
combustion, from water heaters, from furnaces, from electrical connections, 
from a score of causes. Such a fire usually burns upwards, grafkm^% rise! 
through the floors to work tragic damage throughout th^fousey I . even 
to destroying it completely. But with the new incomimstible I^Wtstai 
off your basement from your upper 
home^hre confined far more effectively to thelbaseni'< 
s you greater protection against otm 
arthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, floods ^V*4tresists these^ 
astrophes far better than ordinary floor construction. 

floor. Made of hollow steel cells welded to a flat steel 
tnendous load-carrying power and rigidity. 
that is proof against destructive and annoying pests. Being 
olutely termite-proof. And because of its structure and meth- 
od jpstjffltoon, mice and other rodents are unable to pass through it, 
fr6in\ili@^3asement or outside Avails. 

eter floor . . . an advantage of inestimable value in this age of 



QUIETNESS is one of 
the groat advantages of 

I he Robertson Floor. 
Sounds cannot pene- 
trate through it so 
readily to the doors 
above and below. Danc- 
ing feet, for example, 
merely show what a 
strong, sturdy quid 
door it is. 

(Left) Any type of floor 
surface desired may be 
easily applied to the 
Robertson Floor. Here 
is a room with a wood 
strip surface finish. 

(Right) An example of 
linoleum flooring, as it 
looks when applied over 
the Robertson Steel 

noise and strenuous living. It is so solid, rigid and strong that it does not 
creak. It is so expertly designed that noise does not so readily penetrate 
through it to the floors above or below. The shouts of the ping-pong players 
in your basement game-room don't shatter the quiet of your living room 
above. Dancing feet do not suggest the idea thai the floors and house will 
collapse at any minute. The sound-deadening ability of the Robertson 
Floor makes your home more livable, a pleasanter place in every way. 

It is a more adaptable floor. It lends itself easily and helpfully to the in- 
stallation of heating and air conditioning ducts, plumbing pipes, etc., 
combining with them to make a neat, attractive job. The hollow steel cells 
of the floor may be used as raceways for the distribution of wiring and 
sometimes as cold air returns for the heating system. Once laid, an in- 
expensive fill of gravel, slag or concrete is used between the floor cells, 
leveled off, and then your floor is readyjfor the application of any surface 
finish you select. 

It is a better-looking floor. It does away for good and all with the un- 
sightly, dirt-catching, wood-joist ribbed ceiling of your basement, substi- 

formed by llic under- 
side of the Robertson 

Floor means space and 
height saving in the 
basement . . . permits 
your cellar to be used 
for a game- and rumpus- 
room for the family. 

tilting in its stead a flat, clean, neat ceiling of steel, which yon can plaster, 
or paint, or leave just as it conies from the factory . . . enameled in corro- 
sion-resistant, good-looking black. This flat ceiling means space and height 
saving in the cellar, permits more satisfactory use of the basement for a 
rumpus-room, for a bar, for almost any purpose you can think of. And in 
connection with its ability to save height, the Robertson Floor also means 
savings in basement excavation, in wall height, with collateral money 
savings in masonry, stairsteps, pipes, ducts, etc. 

In a few words, here is a residential floor that has everything you want 
your floor to have. All the qualities which go to make it just the right floor 
for your dream house. And every advantage it offers is a permanent ad- 
vantage . . . operating for your greater safety, comfort and pleasure for the 
entire life of your house. It's a floor that will give you the finest kind of 
satisfaction through the years . . . yet a floor well within your reach, 

When your dream house comes true . . . remember the Robertson Steel 
Floor ! 

(Left) A beautiful wood 
block floor surface is 
applied easily and with 
complete success over 
the sturdy foundation 
of the Hobertson Steel 

(Right) Terrazzo in the 
modern manner, like 
that shown here, is an- 
other attractive floor- 
finish possibility. 

THIS WILL GIVE YOU some idea of what a sim- 
ple, easily-installed construction the Robertson Floor 
is. Two men can lay the units quickly. Spanning from 
outer walls to bearing walls, the units are rigid and 
strong. And immediately it is laid, this floor provides 
a solid, safe platform for other trades to work upon. 



THE essence of this new floor for your home is simplicity. There's 
nothing complicated about it, nothing mysterious or hard for you to 
visualize. It consists . . . for any home ... of only five simple units. (1) 
The actual floor units themselves. Each one is two feet wide and four and 
five-eighth inches deep. Their length depends upon your specific house 
design, and their strength is sufficient for all spans up to eighteen feet 
without intermediate structural support. (2) A unit, similar in every 
respect to the regular floor unit, except that one outside cell is replaced 
by a strong H-Beam. This unit forms one side of your stairwell opening. 

(3) A simple, adjustable and easily installed stairwell framing' angle to suit 
your particular type of stairwell opening. (4) An end closing unit, shaped like 
an "L" to lit around the open ends of the floor cells on your outside bearing- 
walls. (5) A flat steel plate called a bearing plate, which rests upon the 
inside bearing wall, and upon which butting ends of floor units are carried. 
An examination of the cutaway drawing on page 6, and of the detail 
drawings shown on pages 7, 8 and 9, will make these units and their uses 
quite clear. 

Thus, the Robertson Steel Floor is a prefabricated floor . . . tailor-made 
in the Robertson factory for your specific house. All units are numbered 
for position, can be installed quickly and easily the moment they are 
delivered to the job. Two men can handle the units, laying them in place 
with almost uncanny speed, usually less than a single working day. 
Weather makes absolutely no difference . . . Robertson Floors can be laid 
as well in winter as in summer. And immediately a floor of this new kind 
is down, other trades may work upon it, thus speeding up and facilitating 
general construction. 


THIS new type of floor construction has proved its superiority. You 
need take nothing about it on faith. For there are installations of it 
in houses throughout the country ... of every type and design . . . where 
it is yielding owners a new kind of floor satisfaction. The homes shown on 
these pages represent but a few of the many in which the Robertson Floor 
has been used. And the millions of square feet of it which have been em- 
ployed in office buildings, department stores, theatres, factories, banks, 
warehouses and hospitals throughout the country have proved it to be a 
valuable contribution to modern building practice. 

ATTRACTIVE PORCH ROOFS . . . this is just one or many 
uses to which Ihe new Robertson Floor may ho put. The wire 
feeding the ceiling light fixture is led directly through the hol- 
low cells of the floor. 

A MODERN GOOD-LOOKING CEILING is obtained in this 
living room with unusual ease by merely painting the underside 
of the Robertson Steel Floor with a plastic paint. Plaster also 
may be applied to this steel ceiling. 


SOMEDAY it is conceivable that circumstances, or a desire for larger 
quarters, may cause you to put up your dream house for sale. If 
that time comes, you will find your home a better investment if it contains 
a Robertson Steel Floor. For buyers like the sound of the term "steel 
floor'' . . . they know it means greater fire safety, greater permanency, 
greater strength and solidity , . . and probable savings in insurance rates. 
You will, therefore, find the resale value of your house higher than if it 
contained ordinary floor construction. 


the Robertson units have 
been used for the garage 
roof, fiat side down. The 
roof surface is formed by 
merely filling the spaces 
between the upturned 
Moor cells with a loose 
fill, and then applying a 
waterproofing surface. 


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